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McIntosh Perry

Aesthetically innovative: Landscape Architecture provides creative client solutions

McIntosh Perry is a leader in developing innovative green infrastructure strategies, which contribute to environmental and human health.

Landscape architecture at McIntosh Perry is all about collaborating to design the space around us.

McIntosh Perry is in demand for its high-quality, efficient services and skilled staff members who excel at transforming their extensive knowledge into visually-appealing and professional results. The landscape team at McIntosh Perry covers everything from parks and open space to recreational pathways and site plans to environmental corridors.

Isabelle Lalonde, Landscape Architect at McIntosh Perry, said the team believes the environmental aspects of a project should be planned with foresight and originality, with a focus on working creatively with the visual landscape as a part of its surroundings.

Lalonde said her team envisions, designs and implements creative solutions to meet client and user’s needs. “We think outside the box to give our clients the most innovative solutions,” she said, noting the team has almost a decade of experience with a diverse project resume.

Clients are realizing many benefits of McIntosh Perry’s landscape architecture services. Not only does quality landscape design create a competitive advantage, but overall visual integration of all components within a space leads to developing a “sense of place”. In fact, McIntosh Perry brings landscape design to the forefront throughout the project process, often ensuring its use by clients as a powerful tool during public consultation to establish projects within the community.

McIntosh Perry delivers well-integrated solutions through collaboration of the firm’s multi-disciplinary teams. Ultimately, this can lead to time and budgetary savings on a project. Those solutions entail a variety of projects such as recreational facilities, streetscape and transportation corridors, community design plans, site remediation strategies, tree preservation and protection plans, and storm water management facilities. The landscape architecture team tackles aspects of conceptual design, public consultation, detailed design documents and construction assistance.

In addition, McIntosh Perry is a leader in developing innovative green infrastructure strategies, which contribute to environmental and human health. When designing a project, green infrastructure strategies vary in scale from street tree planting to create a continuous canopy, creating green corridors and linkages to support biodiversity to enhancing natural or engineered water corridors and stormwater management facilities using different planting approaches.

The Kam Kotia Mine Site Re-vegetation Plan highlights some of the McIntosh Perry landscape architecture team’s capabilities. Lalonde said the mine site near Timmins, Ontario, had been abandoned in 1972, with no significant natural re-vegetation on the site since that period. McIntosh Perry’s landscape architects teamed up with the environmental science and engineering group to develop planting strategies to re-introduce a sustainable vegetative cover over acid-impacted areas of the property.

“It was challenging; there were so many factors to consider in terms of the different soil and hydrologic conditions on the property as well as the extreme weather,” Lalonde said. “We wanted to encourage native species to return to the site and support for biodiversity so we had to plan appropriately when developing different planting schemes for the site.”

McIntosh Perry’s team developed re-vegetation treatment plans which recommended soil amendment, an introduction of micro-topography features, diversity in plant material types and species and the facilitation of natural colonization.

“We do things differently,” Lalonde said of her team, noting that’s what sets McIntosh Perry apart. “We’re able to make our clients’ landscaping visions happen, regardless of whether they’re meeting municipal approvals or completely transforming a space.”

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