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McIntosh Perry Staff Earning Top Association Roles

These key people are being recognized as experts in the industry, showcasing their commitment and passion for their professions...

“We are supported by the management of McIntosh Perry to take on these roles,” Priddle said of himself and his co-workers who hold positions in professional organizations.

Indeed, numerous staff members at McIntosh Perry currently hold top-level positions in organizations which pertain to their disciplines. McIntosh Perry President, Todd Perry, said he encourages his team members to assume association roles, saying it provides further development, while also raising the profile of the firm.

“Our educated and experienced staff members are the backbone of McIntosh Perry,” Perry said. “These key people are being recognized as experts in the industry, showcasing their commitment and passion for their professions.”

“We’re fortunate to have such dedicated individuals at McIntosh Perry, who are keen to move forward within their disciplines, while also putting their expertise to work for our clients.”

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Mark Priddle is the latest staff member at McIntosh Perry Consulting Engineers to earn a top spot in a professional organization.

Priddle, a senior environmental geoscientist in the environmental science and engineering division at McIntosh Perry, was recently nominated and then acclaimed as Vice-President of the Association of Professional Geoscientists of Ontario (APGO). He said he was encouraged to run for the position by other colleagues in the organization and ended up being acclaimed.

His resume includes vast professional experience, being active in the fields of hydrogeology, geochemistry, and contaminant issues for almost 30 years.

Although the latest title is new, Priddle is no stranger to APGO. In fact, his involvement with the organization spans the last seven years. He was previously the Southeast Regional Councillor, which saw him take on a proactive role surrounding interest in the association. “I travelled to Queen’s University, Ottawa University, and Carleton University to talk to students and raise awareness of APGO,” he said, noting that because of that outreach, young people became full members of the association.

As Vice-President, Priddle said he is interested in advancing APGO’s commitment to ensuring mobility of its members, which sees geoscientists able to move between jurisdictions in Canada. He also plans on continuing to connect with students, raising the profile of the organization through communication with future generations.

He said being involved in professional organizations not only encourages networking with other colleagues from different firms and organizations, but it also adds to the respect and reputation of McIntosh Perry. In addition, he said it allows the firm to get a head start on ideas about regulation changes and their implementation.