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McIntosh Perry

Environmental Science: Natural Sciences

Natural sciences may seem intuitive dealing with earth, water, land and air – yet they’re anything but.

McIntosh Perry help clients navigate through a litany of assessments required for projects implemented by the public sector as well as private sector clients. In doing so, McIntosh Perry’s knowledgeable and experienced natural sciences team provides our clients with comprehensive results, focusing on client communication every step of the way.

The main components of natural science services provided by McIntosh Perry include species-at-risk assessments, wetland evaluations, environmental inspections of natural environments, fisheries assessments and ecological restoration.

Another major element of natural sciences at McIntosh Perry is the field of environmental assessment (EA). These assessments are regulated by the province to determine potential environmental impacts of a project before its construction. This is a rapidly-growing field and McIntosh Perry is constantly in demand for providing this service. EAs are an important, and required, piece of the environmental puzzle for municipalities having a natural science component.


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