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McIntosh Perry

Geographic Information Systems

Geographic Information System (GIS) at McIntosh Perry is about designing the future. GIS is a computer-based science & technology that combine geographic data with the analytical capabilities of databases to generate visual maps and reports. It allows spatial data to be incorporated into business decisions and transforms spatial data and information into a management decision-making tool.

It has proven versatile and useful in many areas such as asset management, mapping environmentally sensitive areas and in planning. As part of decision support tools on projects from beginning to completion, it essentially allows spatial data to be incorporated into business decisions. The impacts are felt in McIntosh Perry’s core business processes and in client satisfaction. Its use provides many benefits, allowing for better decision-making, more informed decisions, improved record keeping, efficiency and cost savings.

The use of GIS data enables McIntosh Perry to rapidly highlight areas of concern for the strategic management of a project. Databases are linked to the spatial data enabling clear information interpretation – it helps answer questions and find solutions by looking at data in a way that is quickly understood and sharable.

GIS touches every aspect of what we do here at McIntosh Perry – and integrates it all together. It’s another service offered by McIntosh Perry to better meet the needs of our public and private sector clients.


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