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McIntosh Perry

McIntosh Perry opens relocated Kingston office

...It’s a modern, bigger space, which provides a more comfortable working environment...

McIntosh Perry had a lot to celebrate over the Thanksgiving weekend.

More than 100 people joined staff to mark the grand opening of McIntosh Perry’s re-located Kingston office on October 9th. The new space, in Unit 1 at 1329 Gardiner’s Road, has been in the works for some time, but the engineering and related professional services firm recently invited clients, industry partners, government agencies, private developers and staff members to help officially open the new office.

“It was a great event and we were pleased to see a good turnout to help us celebrate,” said Steven Pilgrim, Manager of Transportation Engineering with McIntosh Perry.  McIntosh Perry staff members welcomed guests to the meet-and-greet style event and proceeded to show people the two-storey office. Upstairs, guests enjoyed drinks, appetizers, desserts, and networking opportunities. Although the Kingston office is in a new location, McIntosh Perry isn’t new to the Kingston scene. The firm has had an office there since the fall of 2007. Pilgrim said it was located on 192 Hickson Ave. and was originally initiated by two staff members. “It grew quickly to encompass dozens of employees over numerous disciplines,” Pilgrim said.

Now, more than 30 people work out of McIntosh Perry’s Kingston office in multiple functions including planning, structural engineering - buildings, contract administration, environmental sciences, geosciences, transportation, traffic engineering, geotechnical services, and more. Those people made the move to the new space on Gardiner’s Road back in March 2014, in an effort to better serve the expanding needs of the Kingston workplace.

“It’s a modern, bigger space, which provides a more comfortable working environment,” said Pilgrim. “It also allows for additional amenities such as the patio for staff use. The office is able to accommodate more people, in a nicer atmosphere.” The office joins other McIntosh Perry locations in Ottawa, Perth, Pembroke, and Burlington.

Contact the new Kingston location at 1-1329 Gardiners Road, Kingston, or call 613.542.3788. For directions and more information on all the McIntosh Perry offices across Ontario, please click here.