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McIntosh Perry


Able to settle boundary disputes between neighbours, sever new lots, develop subdivisions and condominiums, McIntosh Perry has done it all – and earned a strong reputation for thorough and accurate work along the way. From topographic surveys and site plans for home additions, to working with contractors constructing bridges and roads, the McIntosh Perry staff is prepared and experienced to complete any surveying project and find the best solution for you.

We’re sought after in the industry for both large-scale projects and being able to accommodate small assignments. McIntosh Perry currently provides professional survey services for legal, engineering and construction layout for clients ranging from federal government agencies to private home owners.

Our staff embraces the use of technology and innovation. In fact, we use modern remote sensing, field measurement and data management technologies to acquire land-related information in support of planning, engineering and architectural design projects. When possible, our survey crews also work closely with other members of the McIntosh Perry team adding to our ability to deliver efficient and comprehensive service.

McIntosh Perry Surveying Inc., as part of the McIntosh Perry Group, provides more than  a century of combined experience in professional surveying services in Ontario. We deliver inclusive solutions for clients on a wide range of projects including private lots, green energy projects, highway construction, mining operations and land development projects.

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