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McIntosh Perry

McIntosh Perry bridging relationship with Six Nations

The Six Nations Council was great to work with. We were able to use local labour and resources from within the reserve, so that was a fantastic aspect of the project...

McIntosh Perry recently rehabilitated a bridge for Six Nations of the Grand River, while also fostering a lasting relationship.

The multi-disciplinary engineering and related professional services firm is keen to build positive partnerships with clients. That is evident in the quick turnaround and budget-wise bridge work recently completed for Six Nations Council.

The single-span, concrete slab on steel girder bridge is located on Cayuga Road on the First Nation, near Hagersville, ON. Bala Tharmabala, Head of McIntosh Perry’s Bridge Engineering Office, said it showed normal wear and tear for a bridge that experienced 30 to 40 years of travel.

He said originally, McIntosh Perry was contracted to perform inspections on 20 bridges and 18 culverts for Six Nations. From that, eight bridges needed an enhanced inspection during which it was discovered that some bridges needed rehabilitation and some needed to be replaced.

Operating with a limited budget, Tharmabala said Six Nations selected the Cayuga Road bridge as a priority, so McIntosh Perry was contracted to create and follow through with the bridge rehabilitation design and contract administration.

The structure is located over a small creek, and rehabilitation involved closing off the road for three months to complete the rehabilitation work on the bridge.

Hotze DeWal, contract administrator, said the project started in late July and was completed in October. He said traffic was easily re-routed for the project, which proved to be straightforward with great co-operation and hard work from all participants including both the contractor and the council.

“The Six  Nations Council was great to work with,” DeWal said. “We were able to use local labour and resources from within the Grand River First Nation, so that was a fantastic aspect of the project.”

The scope of work included repairing deck, barrier walls, curbs and abutment fascia, converting the expansion side of the bridge to semi-integral detail, adding new bearings on the semi-integral side, adding 4-metre approach slabs, as well as waterproofing and paving.

“We essentially extended the service life of the bridge for another 50 years or more,” Tharmabala said.

Now, McIntosh Perry is designing two more bridges for replacement in Six Nations. “We’re building a relationship there, as we aim to accomplish with all of our clients,” Tharmabala said.

Not only did McIntosh Perry meet deadlines in the Six Nations bridge project, but it also managed to stay within the council’s budgetary requirements and kept the timelines and costs top of mind as a consideration throughout the project.

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